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I am qualified children’s sleep & I know every child is unique as is each family. I take time to ensure your sleep plan solution supports your child when learning this new skill & fits to the dynamic of your family.

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This call is to give you time to explain your child’s sleeping habits & what what you would like help with. I can then talk you through the sleep bundles I can provide to help you all achieve the sleep you need.

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My Story

I was a sleep-starved parent, and reached out to a Sleep Consultant… I know how hard it can be to ask for help. Now I’m here doing the same for other parents.

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Packages Available

Customisable Sleep Plans

Good sleep habits are important. Sleep is essential and studies have shown that children who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behaviour, learning, memory and overall mental and physical health. Giving your baby a regular schedule keeps them happy and you sane! The sleep methods I use will last your child a lifetime. This is not a short-term fix and the benefits of healthy sleep are endless.
The Newborn Plan
The Newborn Plan

You can get it right from the start! The Newborn Plan will give you a number of gentle techniques that work together, along with the knowledge of a newborn’s sleep pattern that will help give you the skills to teach your baby how to self soothe and be a great independent sleeper. This plan can be used from day 1, I did with my son who I breastfed and he was sleeping 6 hrs at night at 6 weeks without any help from me.

Sweet Dreams Plan
FROM: COT: £295 BED: £315
Sweet Dreams Plan

This is a bespoke plan made for your baby/child. It’s a popular plan with my clients as the method chosen will suit your child’s needs and your family dynamics to ensure a good night’s sleep for all within 2 weeks.

The Refresher Plan
FROM £145
The Refresher Plan

As our children grow their needs change and The Refresher Plan gives my past clients who I’ve helped teach their baby to become an independent sleeper a chance to combat other factors that may affect their little ones sleeping habits. Common factors are the transition from 2 to 1 nap, moving house/change of environment or just where routines have lapsed a little you need extra help to get back on track.

The Ultimate Sleep Plan
FROM £900
The Ultimate Sleep Plan

This plan for parents who need extra support as you can book me to stay at your home on the first night up until 7am the following morning.

Read what some happy parents have been saying


We contacted Kelly when our daughter was nearly 7 months old after seeing her recommended on Facebook. We were at our wits end as our baby had NEVER EVER napped anywhere other than on someone’s shoulder, needed rocking to sleep day and night and “slept” in bed with us every night (often waking for long periods in the early hours). We had no evenings as we couldn’t put her down until we went to bed with her. I also breastfed throughout the night to soothe her back to sleep. Everyone was exhausted and there was no sign of any improvement, so we decided that we needed to do something.

Kelly was very confident that she could help us but I laughed when she said that we would be able to just put baby in her cot and have time to ourselves in the day/evening. It seemed impossible. Still, we took the plunge and arranged a home visit, then got stuck in to the plan the next day.

I am not going to suggest that the plan was easy, as our daughter definitely made Kelly (and us) work hard! But, on night 1 after the first settling period she slept in her cot all night (with a few wake-ups) without us needing to go in, let alone feed her or rock her to sleep! In fact, on the whole we have now had almost 4 weeks of sleeping through the night, with a few blips here and there.

The day naps took longer and we are still working on these, but, from zero naps in the cot “pre-Kelly”, baby now gets much better sleep in the day. We have even managed a few days where she has had a full 2 hour sleep in the morning AND another hour in the afternoon!

Throughout the process Kelly was hugely supportive and kept us on track, with regular calls to check in and tons of advice over email/text. There is no way that we could have done it by ourselves - I think we would have given up on day 1!

4 weeks in and it’s hard to remember just how bad things were before we started. We wish that we had contacted Kelly sooner, rather than waiting to see if things would get better on their own. We are all so much happier and less tired!

Mum to baby girl of 7 months
Mum to baby girl of 7 months

Kelly is incredible and I urge any Mums/Parents who have been battling with sleep issues to go to her!
Rory had slept possibly 7 nights through the night after his 16 week injections up until the age of 28 months!! Most nights I was up for 2-3hours sitting on the landing. Two weeks ago after feeling I’d tried everything I got in contact with Kelly. I honestly didn’t believe she would be able to help us. We spoke a lot and she tailored Rory his own sleep plan which I was hugely apprehensive about but after being sleep deprived for so long I threw all my trust in her and did everything she asked. With her amazing support 2 days in Rory slept through the night independently and 2 weeks later he sleeps through the night without his milk, dummy, white noise, he’s not cuddled to sleep. I simple say goodnight and leave for 12 hours!! ….. and he now loves going to bed!!! (I’ve totally just jinxed it now haven’t I!) If you are even thinking about it just do it! She’s bloomin’ fantastic and in my eyes an angel who has made my boy sleep and be so much happier for it!!!!
We can’t thank her enough!!

Karen Musco – Rested Mum!
Karen Musco

We had been having real difficulty with our toddlers sleeping for a few months when we contacted Kelly. Our daughter had previously been a good sleeper so we were at our wits end when she started waking several times in the night, not being able to leave her room until she was fast asleep and the VERY early wake up calls! Kelly gave us the tools and confidence to implement the sleep plan she wrote for us. The amount of support she gave us throughout the process was great, we never felt like we had to cope alone and I know that I can get in touch now if we have any “hiccups”. The plan helped our daughter become an independent sleeper again and she knows what’s expected of her. She has been a different child since she’s getting the sleep she needs! (and so are we!). We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kelly to anyone having difficulty with child sleep and have done so to friends..... Thank you Kelly!

Claire – mum of a now sleeping 2 year old

Within a few nights of following the personalised plan that Kelly developed for us, my 7 month old baby (whom had never slept more than an hour or so at a time) was self-settling and sleeping through the night for the first time ever. We are now a few months down the line and things couldn’t be better. My baby is happy, full of energy and actively enjoys going to bed, and I no longer dread the nights. I can honestly say Kelly worked miracles for us, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any parent struggling with a little sleep thief.

Emma Hageman – Happy Mum!
Emma Hageman

I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone! My 14 month old daughter was waking every morning at 4:30-5:00 am and no matter what I tried nothing was helping to break the cycle. Kelly was really easy to talk to and although I was sceptical at first, her techniques really do work. Kelly’s support throughout the process was invaluable. My daughter now naps beautifully during the day and sleeps through the night from 7pm- 6:45am. It’s lovely to get our evenings back and to feel well rested in the mornings. Thanks Kelly!

Happy Mummy!
Rested Mummy





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