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Hi and thanks for taking the time to click on my profile. I know you’re here because you want to find a way to help your little one get to sleep, so you as a busy parent can sleep too… well guess what… I love sleep, my husband loves sleep and my two young children really love sleep! One thing I’m certain about is that a family who are well-rested can spend the rest of their time having fun together. I would like to say my household is serene but with 2 energetic children it’s far from that… but night-time is the most peaceful time of the day.

I am a qualified Child Sleep Consultant certified by Baby Sleep the Night. I know that all families are different, with schedules, parenting styles, work commitments and other life admin – and that’s why when I am asked to work & support a family, I develop a sleep plan that is unique to your child’s needs and designed to fit around the way your family works.”

I was a sleep-starved parent, my baby girl would sleep at most 90 minutes at a time and only with endless hours of rocking, sshhing and holding to sleep. We were both shattered and I was finding it tough going. I was recommended to use a Sleep Consultant by a friend, and our family lives were changed instantly. It was lovely that we were all sleeping at night but the turning point for both of us was the advice and support she gave with naps. The days became fun again, we both had a routine (not too rigid) and without the tiredness we started to enjoy baby groups and socialising again. Even just a play on the swings felt good as we were rested and enjoying life without the nagging tiredness… I’ve been passionate about sleep ever since, and the reason I jumped at the chance to train as a Sleep Consultant and spread the zzzzz’s.

Following my further education in Health and Social care, I pursued a career as a Holistic Massage Therapist, and a Baby Massage Instructor. I’ve always been passionate about care, helping people, supporting them and therapeutic treatments. My goal as a Sleep Consultant is to provide positive gentle solutions to your child’s sleep. I’ve worked with newborns, babies, toddlers and twins with a 100% success rate.

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After nine months of not sleeping we decided it was time to get in touch with an expert to help our daughter MXXXX to sleep! It had got to the stage of her waking every hour at night and ‘needing’ me to offer her a milk feed or rock her back to sleep.

We were really reluctant to sleep train as we didn’t want to have to let our much doted on daughter cry but Kelly was so understanding of our situation and the crying/protesting has been minimal!

MXXXX is only two weeks into sleep training and is sleeping through the night from 7-7, it’s an absolute dream and we could NEVER have got to this point without Kelly. Her advice, personalised plan and support has been just incredible. MXXXX is so much more content; although she has always been a happy baby she is now super happy! As parents so are we! We feel like we’ve got our lives back on track, we’re planning our first date night since our beautiful baby arrived and couldn’t recommend Kelly highly enough.

Mum to baby girl of 9 months

I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone! My 14 month old daughter was waking every morning at 4:30-5:00 am and no matter what I tried nothing was helping to break the cycle. Kelly was really easy to talk to and although I was sceptical at first, her techniques really do work. Kelly’s support throughout the process was invaluable. My daughter now naps beautifully during the day and sleeps through the night from 7pm- 6:45am. It’s lovely to get our evenings back and to feel well rested in the mornings. Thanks Kelly!

Happy Mummy!
Rested Mummy

I cannot recommend Kelly enough. I decided to seek her help with my 10-month-old twins. They weren’t bad sleepers but where starting to wake early and where all over the place with naps. I had tried a few programmes on line but didn’t have the confidence or knowledge to see it through. Straight away I felt at ease with Kelly and in the two weeks she supported me and gave me the confidence to follow the plan and see the results. Both babies now nap twice a day at the same times and sleep 7pm – 7am – I have much happier babies and parents. Defiantly money well spent!

Anna Wall – Mum of Twins
Anna WallMum of Twins