Baby Bathtime Tips

Baby Bathtime Tips

Implementing a regular and predictable bath-time routine is key when setting up a bedtime routine. You can introduce bath-time at any age as it acts as cueing system for child’s brain and body that bedtime is coming soon.

If your child suffers with eczema and a bath everyday would be too much, going into the bathroom and offering some kind of water play whether it’s having a splash around in the sink, a wash with a flannel will be an activity that is different to everyday and your child will recognise this within your bedtime routine.

Children learn by association so quickly get used to a repetitive pattern. 

No more than a 10 minute bath is great. Less time with a newborn. Over 10 mins is more likely your child will become overtired and it then becomes an extension of their day rather than a lead up to bedtime.

It might be obvious but as busy parent with lots of other things on our mind we can forget. Be prepared: towel ready on radiator, flannel, baby shampoo & body wash & toys to hand. Just makes it all easier especially at that time of time of day. 

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Bath-time = fun, enjoyable & energetic