Daylight Saving Sleep Tips

Daylight Saving Sleep Tips

Daylight Savings Sleep Tips for children


How are you all? I love autumn mainly because I can wear chunky jumpers and jeans, plus it’s a chance to bring out my slippers and put the fire on. Not forgetting the beautiful colours of the leaves, it always reminds me of my daughter – her hair is red but as the season it changes colours and today she walked into school her hair looked crimson.

However with the arrival of Autumn, it can bring worry to many parents due to the clock change because for some it may disrupt their child’s sleep, the joy of an extra hour can at times be missed, so read on for tips…

This may sound strange but do nothing, leave your clocks/watches alone so it’s not a psychologically upsetting event to see your little one up an hour earlier. Just get up at your usual time and start the day. Cuppa, breakfast, play & then you can go around changing the clocks. It will feel much better this way, trust me!

Then if, for instance your little one usually takes a morning nap around 9.30am, you will adjust this to 9.00 am for the 3 days after the time change (remember this will feel like 10.00am to your child). It will be a bit of a push, so keep them busy, lots of play/activities and try to avoid TV. However the time change will not be too much that it will cause much damage to their schedule. Do the same for the afternoon nap.

For bedtime, let’s say your child usually goes to bed at 7pm, I would recommend making bedtime 6.30pm for the first 3 days following the time change. (again remember this will feel like 7.30pm) It can take about a week for your child’s body to get used to this. It takes everybody’s body roughly one week to adjust to any kind of change in sleeping habits.

If you have children over the age of 2 yrs old and use a sleep training clock, I would set the clock forward half an hour so that at 6.30am, it reads 7.00am. Yes it means they get up a little earlier than normal, but have faith that by the end of the week, they would be back on track and sleep until their normal wake-up time.

With your baby/toddler a training clock isn’t an option and what I like to suggest is try not to rush in as soon as you hear your baby waking up, because you do not want to send a message that getting up at 6am is the new wake up time. If their wake up time is after 6am then wait 10 mins after they wake on the first day, 20 mins after the next, then 6.30am the next day and so on until your baby is waking at their normal time.

On the 4th night, just get in line with the new time, meaning your child is back to going to bed when the clock says 7pm (or when their bedtime is), and don’t forget to adjust naps to the correct time on day 4 too.

Sleep well,