My Role to You

Some common questions


My role to you and your baby is to ensure I produce the right method for your child to learn to self soothe and become a great independent sleeper. A skill that once learnt will be with them forever. The bespoke plan will also give you, the parent tools on how to help and guide your child through this process, along with me taking it step by step with you, effectively holding your hand through the sleep plan.



I will at no point ask you to leave your child alone but with any change there can always be a little protest and how babies, toddlers and children protest is to cry and that’s normal. Remember you will be with your child at all times and can offer comfort so please take note I will not be asking you to do controlled crying, shut the door and leave them – this method works for a number of parents but it’s not the technique for My Child Sleep Consultant. Many of the families I have worked with have asked the crying question, it’s top of their list… but grab a cuppa and read through some of of my success stories from my thankful parents and you will notice that they either say the crying wasn’t an issue or don’t mention it all.



I am a mum of two and have been in the sleep deprived tunnel, I know how it feels and it can be extremely lonely. Taking the positive and collaborative steps I needed to help my babies sleep changed our lives as a family. My aim is to help change yours, book your free 15 minute consultation call and let’s work on it together. But don’t take my word for it, take a moment to read through a few reviews from happy and well-rested parents…



I work with families with children from newborn through to age 6. My customised sleep plans work around you and your child, their requirements, meals and your family life. The sleep plan looks slightly different for babies, toddler and children but all aim to work for you and your family.

Best Deals

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Newborn Plan
You can get it right from the start!

The Newborn Plan will give you a number of gentle techniques that work together, along with the knowledge of a newborn’s sleep pattern that will help give you the skills to teach your baby how to self soothe and be a great independent sleeper.

Sweet Dreams Plan
This is a bespoke plan made for your baby/child. It’s a popular plan with my clients as the method chosen will suit your child’s needs and your family dynamics to ensure a good night’s sleep for all within 2 weeks.
Refresher Plan
The Refresher Plan gives my past clients a chance to combat new factors that may affect their little ones sleeping habits. Common changes include transition from 2 to 1 nap, moving house/change of environment or just where routines have lapsed a little you need extra help to get back on track.
Ultimate Plan
This plan for parents who need extra support as you can book me to stay at your home on the first night up until 7am the following morning.