Parents self-care for winter

Parents self-care for winter

If you have a child who sleeps well or a child who wakes up multiple times in the night, you still need time in these winter months for you. Thankfully the dark evenings actually have a great health benefit & guess what? One of them is helping you get a better night’s sleep.

I mention “melatonin” – the sleepy hormone a great deal (it’s one of my favourite hormones) and it’s only produced when the day gets dark, so you may have noticed your feeling tired earlier in the evening. If you can head to bed and get an early night.

Here are a few self-care winter tips

  • Hot drink – I love a ‘night-time’ herbal tea before bed but many prefer a hot milky drink – your choice, your time.
  • Blue light – I tell the families I help to avoid any blue, green or white light in their child’s room and it’s the same for them too. Lights on the amber spectrum are ideal and do not have an affect on our body.
  • Warm bath – always good just before heading to bed especially a hot one as it increases your body temp, making you sleepy & read for bed.
  • Pillow – I recently purchased a nanu pillow (not an ad) for my husband and I. It’s fab because before you buy you enter your height, weight, how you sleep & the pressure you like. I have personally found I sleep better and wake without neck pain. Investing in a good pillow is a must.
  • PJ’s – treat yourself to new pj’s this winter – wool, cotton or silk are great materials to sleep in.
  • Bedroom temp – keep your room 16 – 18 degrees and free from draught.

Poor sleep can affect your immune system so it’s crucial that you’re getting enough sleep. Magnesium relaxes our muscles and nerves, plus it’s known to help you fall into a peaceful sleep. I’ve also recently found out that Pumpkin, Sunflower Seeds as well as leafy green vegetables all contain magnesium so if you can add them to your diet, I would.

We all love a hug! Physical touch can help to decrease the level of cortisol in your body, great news as cortisol can also lower our immune system – what should you do? Snuggle with your child/loved one & re-charge your batteries.

I offer a free 15 min consultation call if you would like to talk about your child’s sleep, it’s one of my other favourite things to talk about.


Sleep well,

Kelly x

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