Spring is here…Clock Change Sleep Tips

Spring is here…Clock Change Sleep Tips

Spring Time…Clock Change…Sleep Tips

This is one of my favourite seasons when the mornings are light, birds are singing and the days are becoming warmer and sunnier – something we need with everything going on because if we can get outside, even if just for 15 mins with the sun shining it makes a huge difference to our mood. However lovely knowing Spring is coming it can have an affect on your child’s sleep, read on for tips on how to tackle the clock change…

Bedroom Environment

  • Your child’s bedroom needs to be dark and when I say dark I mean pitch black – why? It helps suppress the hormones cortisol and adrenaline and encourages the sleepy hormone – melatonin to be released and as you know I love the sleepy hormone.
  • Mornings start to get light around 5am so making sure there are no gaps around your child’s blinds/curtains is key as even just a little bit of light coming through can stimulate your child and they will want to start their day at 5am but as you know I class anytime before 6am as night-time. Making sure the room is pitch black will make it easier for them to fall back to sleep.


Will need a few tweaks just to fit around the clock change, for example…

  • If naptime is usually 9.30am, make it 10am. It will feel like 9am to your child and they may take longer to settle and that’s ok. Do the same for their afternoon nap, make it 30 mins later.
  • Your child will show signs of tiredness around their normal nap time so keep them busy, lots of interaction, play-time, pop outside to get some fresh air – look at the trees/listen to the birds, pop them into their high-chair offer a slow release energy snack, water play – basically try to avoid spending the last 30 mins holding them as your child will be tired and will try to snuggle in, taking the edge of their tiredness and as you know the only time we want them to get sleepy or fall asleep is in their cot.


  • Then if bedtime is 7pm, make it 7.30pm. Yes it will mean your child is going to bed a little earlier or maybe sooner than the normal wait between sleeps but not so much it’s going to interfere with their schedule.
  • Try to avoid TV screen 60 mins before bedtime, I always like a good dance around the kitchen/living room to Frozen II soundtrack/Aladdin/Descendants – children’s choice.
  • Keep to the amended schedule for 3 days, then night 4 move to correct time on clock.


Any questions, help needed just ask kelly@mychildsleepconsultant.com

Sleep well,

Kelly x